Some of Our Testimonials


May – 2010

Susan – Philippines:

I like it very much that we start the day not too early or too late . Portofino, Sestri Levante and cinque Terre is so “bellissima” . I’m so glad I came here for this program; it’s a nice time to spend in Italy: very memorable and fastastic experience.

Carole – San Francisco CA – USA

Lots of good food and tips. Learned new techniques. Very nice friendly people!

Liked very much the idea of being part of the family . Great tour Guide!

David – San Francisco CA – USA
Actually we enjoyed  the good company, the wonderful food and the opportunity to work beside experienced professional cooks/chefs.

It was very special to visit with you in your home and your wonderful village. I enjoyed sampling your wonderful wines to match the local foods and their preparation. Cooking has intimidate me in the past. For the first time I have begun to understand the relationships involved in the preparation of food. I look forward to trying the recipes and my new skills at home.

Elizabeth – Utah – USA

It was lots of fun. I learn a lot. The people were very friendly. Good information you gave us when we went on our walks.Thank you it was fun.

March  – 2010

David and Vicki – Oklahoma – USA

David : I enjoyed very much the entire school; we could

partecipate as much as we wanted or just watch. I would recommend it to anyone .

Vicki :The cooking school on the Riviera was a perfect experience and the cooking and excursions were a highlight of our holiday in Italy.  All the arrangements made by Loredana went smoothly and brilliantly.  Sestri Levante was just the right size town to explore on our free time and the hotel was a beautiful place to stay.  Our room overlooked both bays with a big window.  The food was all delicious, fresh, and local specialties.  Everything was taken care of, it was first class and we were pampered.  Loredana and her husband were gracious and well organized for our cooking lessons with the chef, and we felt like family friends being entertained for the two days we were with them.  It was everything we hoped for a holiday.

I can’t say enough nice things about the experience, my husband and I would be happy to join your company on another adventure after the good time we had visiting the Riviera with Loredana

May  – 2009

Rosemary – Athens – Georgia  Usa

Excellent!! We loved it ! Thank you

July  2009

Linda and Evelyn – New York – Usa

Linda: We enjoyed the classes immeasureably, not only did we learn new recipes but Loredana Simone and Alessandro made the days fly by. The classes were more like cooking with friends rather than new acquaintances. Iwould love to come back to not only cook but to enjoy their company again. Excellent I would recommend it to everyone.The tours were taylored for us and our pace. Thank You very much for helping us make memories.

Evelyn: These cooking courses was one of the best experiences I had during our vacation to Italy. The hosts and the chef are the perfect examples of Italian Ambassadors for this Country

July  – 2008

Margaret – San Francisco CA- Usa

A pleasant fun great time and you teach us how to cook some great dishes. The fish was heavenly and the pesto divine, the vegetables were perfect and oh those glorious desserts.Thank you so much, the whole experience will be a treasured memory for ever.

June – 2007

Alayne – Connecticut – USA

I enjoyed this course, I will use all the recipes except home made pasta until I’ll have the correct equipment.

The course was superbly directed by Loredana, her personality was warm, joyful and fun .

The chef gave us many helpful hints, Alessandro supperted and helped us in every way . BRAVO to all!

June – 2007

Betty and Jane- New Jersey – Usa

Betty:This cooking class was excellent. It gave me an opportunity to increase my cooking skills, learn about the culture of the area and meet excellent chefs.

The food, cooks and environment was relaxing with beautiful scenery and sorroundings. It was fun and educational days with professional chefs. I highly recommend this program.

Jane: I enjoyed the school very much . I had fun and our hosts and chef were excellent. Food was very good. I learned a lot and i think i will be able to cook all the recipes when I’ll be back home.

October – 2006

Andrea and Patrice – Miami (FL) – Usa

Andrea: Everything was even better than I could have hoped for it to be or expected it to be prior. Grazie Mille!!

Patrice: We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed your home. We felt very welcome ! You are great hosts! The quality of the ingredients were great.Molte Grazie!! One day we hope to meet again.

July – 2005

Bruce,  Florida – Usa : You are a personable group that make all the class feel confortable and welcome. Do not change that! Thank you very much

Arlene, Maryland – Usa : Thank you for opening your home and sharing Ligurian way of life – a very warm and “delicious” way. The very best to you all and I’ll tell all my friends what a great time I had . More than just touring and seeing the Italian Riviera – more than just cooking classes… Making new friends….

Judy, San Francisco California – Usa

This was a great cooking experience an Cultural adventure seeing the chef so close and spending time with the family was enjoyable.

Gretchen and Mark – Washington – Usa

We loved everything!

Corinne, Pasadena – California – Usa

This was a wonderful experience; you exceeded my expectation for all! A seamless blending of pleasure and business. I wish I could have a “doggie bag” for leftovers. The certificates were an excellent idea.

Erik, Wellingten Florida- Usa

I had a great time and would wish to return again . Enjoyed the tour and would love to stay longer

May  – 2004

Cinthia and Mary  – Usa

Cinthia : It was wonderful!! I loved it ! The chef is great and you are both very special hosts. I learned a great deal . We’ll be back!!

Mary : It was perfect!! No suggestions for making it better! I enjoyed learning more about Italians and about Liguria . Lory and her team are great, friendly and warm

May  – 2003

Ken and Julie – Chicago – Usa

Julie: A wonderful experience !! It was exceeding our expectation.

Enjoyful historical recipes, outstanding food dishes, enjoyed the home environment.

Fabulous , Thank you making our trip to Italy a special one!

Ken : We had a great time and enjoyed the experience! Your charm, warmth and friendshipness helped us feel welcome.

June – 2004

Jeff and Patricia – Vancouver – Canada

The setting was very pleasant and welcoming I particularly enjoyed the saturday menu – Desserts like no other – Overall I had fun and learned a lot about Liguria cooking.

December 2003

Bonnie and Diane Ny – Usa

Diane : Everything was great!!! It was very nice being in a private home I would not change a thing !!


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